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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Get Your Own!

If there's one thing I cant stand besides liars its a man thief! Take for example Home wrecker  sorry Alicia keys getting involved with Swiss beats a then married man SMH and feeling no way about it. So who is a Man Thief? She is a woman that gets involved with a gentleman fully aware of the fact that he is already in a relationship and 7 times out of 10 also married with children. But why do this? Is there a lack of men on this earths surface that you have to go after someone else's? Do you have no conscience? Men who tolerate this are also to blame, selfish BLEEP. But anyway to the women who gladly do this and succeed in their thieving, NEWS FLASH! The same way he's gonna leave your behind is the same way you got him! so sit back and enjoy for now but enjoy remembering that karma is a hell of a bi-atch! lots of love and kisses to ya. Debs xxx

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  1. so true if he cheated on her what makes you think he wont cheat on you too.


If you dont love your life who else will?

If you dont love your life who else will?
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