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Sunday, 2 January 2011

What's Your Flavour?

I don't know about now but back in the day being light skinned/ mixed automatically made you 'Hotter'. Take for example I remember an occasion a while back ago in which I was walking with a male friend of mine and we saw a light skinned image walking towards us in the distance, his instinct was to say 'Mmm she looks kinda nice still' only for the human being to get closer and for us realise it was a middle aged, over bleached African looking woman LOL! CHOP IT! hahahahaha. He looked like a right idiot after that. Anyway the point I'm trying to make is that there was quite an obvious stereo type when it came to 'lighter' skinned people and I mean this for both sexes. But over the years there is a growing attraction for 'Dark' skinned people. Me personally I don't discriminate when it comes to skin shade, I mean I do love me some Chris Brown PHWOARR!! he's well hot! And J.cole wowza! But then again you've got sexxi's like Idris elba, Morris chestnut, Tyson Beckford etc... So what's it gonna be? Well I'm sorry but like my man Pac said 'The darker the berry the sweeter the juice!' So for me I guess its gonna have to be who's that brownin? what's your flavour? Debs xxx


  1. hahah 'CHOP IT' I love me some dark chocolate with a beard!


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If you dont love your life who else will?
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