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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Is There A Colour To Love?

Interracial relationships hmmm should it be avoided? Should we all just stick to our own race? you know cause we wouldn't want any mix ups right? Blacks should stick to blacks, Whites should stick to whites, Asians to Asians and so on....there you go problem solved... Anyone who agree's with that is ignorant as hell and needs to wake up! ASAP!
Last time I checked we all had one brain, red blood and one heart, the day that changes you can go run naked in the Antarctic for all I care. But on a serious note, why is race such a big deal anyway!? I mean you get to the stage of liking each other every things cool... but then wait, hold on he's not my colour I'm just gonna throw all this happiness away and settle with someone who looks more like me, yeh that should make my family and friends proud.... I feel sorry for anyone who does this.

Why must love have so many rules placed behind it? Love should be colour blind. It is about being happy with the person you are with, treating each other with respect, and cherishing the time you spend together. Yup here it is written in black and white, no grey area's Love Has No Colour! Debs xxx

Interracial couples still going strong
David Bowie and Iman married 19 years

Seal and Heidi Klum married 6years

Djimon and Kimora lee together 4 years

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton married 6 years

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If you dont love your life who else will?
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